Complete service for packaging machinery

More than thirty years of experience

with various models of packaging equipment are our qualification for professional and comprehensive service.


  • Regular maintenance is necessary in order to avoid production downtimes. Our technicians have the best qualification to carry it out for you.
    In case of an emergency our 24-hour service guarantees repair of your machinery as fast as possible.


  • Your product has changed? or shall just be packed in a different way? Your machine has to be adjusted? Just contact us!

TSC - Twin Servo Collator

  • Your packaging machine is not flexible enough to process future products with different diameters? Reconstruction of your deviding unit takes too long? is too difficult? We have got the solution! We have developed a flexible deviding unit with servo technics which can be integrated into almost any existing packaging machine in order to keep the product change as simple as possible. Our deviding unit works autonomously and is independent of the control of the existing machine.


  • We bring your machine to the most modern technology - completely or partially.
    We have got the necessary know-how

PLC/Servo technology

  • "Motion Control" is the heart of the system. This unit controls the movements of all of the servo drives. A totally reliable system is essential for it as this is the "Blackbox" for most users; once configured - runs forever! We have decided to use only the best - "PacDrive" from Schneider Electric - one of the world leaders in energy-efficient drive technology! This system was designed for the packaging industry and has been used in over 50,000 machines worldwide. The greatest advantage is the standardisation of the software which allows every technician trained by Schneider Electric to solve any problem without relying on the machine manufacturer. You have the following options for the higher level PLC system: Schneider-Electric or Siemens S7 or Allen-Bradley or? just ask us!

Knowledge of the complete craft
is our highest priority.

Available 24 hours a day - Rely on packtec in case of failure. Even at times when most machine builders have finished for the day we are there for you to avoid any delay.
Very few companies can send you a competent specialist as quickly as we do.